Each piece of my jewellery is thoroughly finished with multiple layers of ecological varnish, which makes it moisture resistant. You don’t need to worry if you get caught in the rain or accidentally drop it into the water. If this happens just use a cloth or towel to dry it gently.

However, it is important to remember that it is paper jewellery and it will need some special care. To keep your paper jewellery looking its best:


- look after your paper jewellery the same as you look after your other jewellery.

- store it separately so it doesn’t get scratched by other pieces of jewellery.

- store it in a dry and preferably dark place if you are not wearing it as some paper elements, as well as silver parts can change colour and tarnish over time.

- use soft cotton cloth to polish silver and silver plated parts of your jewellery.

- if you need to clean any of paper elements use soft cloth and water (alternatively soapy water). Do it very gently.

- avoid contact with chemicals and detergents.



- wear it every day.

- expose it to a long, direct contact with moisture, for example while swimming.

- expose it to a day light if not worn.

- try not to leave it in a bathroom where might be affected by damp.

- take it off when going to sleep, having a bath or shower, or going to the beach.

- do not spray your paper jewellery with perfume or hairspray; make sure to apply make-up before putting jewellery on.


If you have any further questions regarding looking after paper jewellery please don’t hesitate contact me.